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Infinity Trader EA

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We are the most trusted Forex EA provider on the market and we are still supporting all of our products, even those released 11 years ago.

7 Reasons Why It Pays

To Promote Infinity Trader EA

  • Performance:
    We rigorously test all of our Forex EAs and Infinity Trader EA has undergone the most comprehensive testing to date.
  • Solid Proof:
    Infinity Trader EA is our day-to-day trading tool. We're constantly updating the proof on the sales page to reflect its superior performance.
  • Professional Product:
    The product is off the scale in terms of quality and value. Designed in its entirety by a full time professionals, this is one of the most comprehensive trading EA anywhere on the internet. This is a world-class trading system you can be proud to promote.
  • Solid Vendor Reputation:
    We've been developing and successfully launching High Performance EAs for the last 11 years. Each of our products is well known and has helped traders boost their trading profits.
  • Excellent Commission Payout:
    We will pay you between 30% - 50% commission per sale.
  • Responsive 24/7 Customer Support:
    We will keep refund rates to a minimum by offering the best Customer Support available.
  • Brutally Tested Marketing:
    Our sales materials are continually tested and optimized for maximum sales conversions.



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Developed by a team with a proven 20-year track record, Infinity Trader EA leverages cutting-edge AI technology to empower you with a powerful edge.

Infinity Trader EA seamlessly integrates the strengths of Chat GPT and Gemini AI, providing unparalleled market insights and in-depth fundamental analysis.

It actively adapts to ever-changing market conditions, identifying statistically significant price patterns with remarkable predictive power.

This ensures you pinpoint optimal entry and exit points, maximizing your profit potential.

It prioritizes your long-term success with sophisticated Account Protection features. By employing advanced risk management algorithms

and customizable drawdown parameters, it minimizes the impact of potential losses and safeguards your capital.


Key Features:

AI-Powered Insights: Utilizes the cutting-edge capabilities of Chat GPT and Gemini AI to analyze market sentiment and conduct comprehensive fundamental analysis.

Proven Price Action Patterns: Identifies statistically significant price patterns for optimal entry and exit points.

Adaptability: Continuously updates algorithms based on real-time data to adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Consistent Profitability: Delivers consistent and profitable outcomes across various market conditions.

Sophisticated Account Protection: Minimizes drawdowns and protects capital with advanced risk management features.

Suitable for All: Ideal for both prop firm traders and individual investors seeking long-term success.



Precision Trading: Executes trades with accuracy, maximizing trading performance and potential returns.

Competitive Edge: Provides traders with the tools to navigate the market with confidence and achieve consistent success.

Reduced Risk: Mitigates the impact of drawdowns and protects capital through robust risk management.

Increased Confidence: Empowers traders to approach the market with a clear and focused mindset.


Whether you're a seasoned prop firm trader or an individual investor seeking to break into the market, Infinity Trader EA empowers you

to approach the market with confidence, execute trades with precision, and consistently achieve your financial goals.

Its unique combination of AI technology, proven trading strategies, and advanced account protection empowers traders to achieve

consistent success and navigate the market with confidence.